Psychological evaluation for international adoption

Psychological evaluation for international adoption has been a part of my competencies for long. Each country has it’s own demands for evaluation. Because of these different requirements, each country has it’s own process and own price.

Before our evaluative interview(s) I need to have social worker’s home study report. You can send it to me directly or you can ask Pelastakaa Lapset/Interpedia to send it.

  • psychological evaluation for international adoption
    • familiarization with background information, interview(s) and documentation
  • India 900 e +/- 10 % (single parents and couples)
  • Thailand 700 e +/- 10 % (single parents and couples)

The easiest way to contact me is email. Please give me this info in your first message:

  • which country have you chosen to adopt from
  • are you adopting as a single parent or couple
  • the permit from Finnish Adoption Board
    • you need to have the permit to adopt before we can proceed with psychological evaluation

I always write my evaluations in English. The interviews can take place in my office in Tampere or we can meet via Zoom/Teams.